Bentley Continental (2007)

A modern Classic.  This prestige carriage glides along with grace and understated engineering excellence.  The sumptuous interior cocoons you as you make your important journey.

With a W-arrangement 12 cylinder, 6 litre engine, there is no shortage of power and this high class vehicle makes the perfect groom’s carriage on the special day.  The Continental is a 2 door coupe with quite small back seats but you can squeeze in for short journeys or most likely squeeze the groom in the back so the bride gets pride of place up front!

The Bentley Continental is a rare and very special wedding carriage and is available chauffeur driven at £125/hour with a minimum hire of 4 hours (i.e. £500). This would cover a wedding within 10 miles from the Bentley’s home near Kingsbridge. If you are further away or you need the Bentley Continental for longer then please contact us for a quotation.